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Version 3

Haylings Best Coastal Communities Group were awarded £10,000 to spend on Hayling’s Seafront .  Basically we had to come up with an idea which would increase the south seafront economy.   After much headscratching, thinking, sleepless nights etc. we decided that we should just simply tell everyone where everything is.


Signage and maps were our aim.  Brown road signs were updated to cover areas not mentioned before.   Maps were designed and changed and changed again but the end result is a good, easy to read map which doesn’t target any particular business by name but shows you where you can eat, drink, shop and play in South Hayling Island.


The large A1 maps (shown on the Home page) in every seafront car park do exactly that.  They show you where you are and where everything is. 


Alongside this a paper version has been produced which is available free in local outlets.  This doesn’t only have a map but lots of useful information too.  2,000 were given out in the first month!


The project followed on with a web site which as you can see includes transport links for the Seafront Railway, Ferry and Buses.


Next will be stickers relating to the icons on the map for businesses to display and QR codes to the web site on the car park maps.


And to follow ….. whatever funds allow! 

Hayling's Coast

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